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USA Dance Inc.
Jan 15, 2018

To: Professional Members, USA Dance Inc.

We are pleased to announce the following courses for USA Dance Professionals offered at:

2018 USA Dance National Dancesport Championship

April 4-6, 2018
Baltimore, Maryland at the Marriott Renaissance Hotel
212 E Pratt St., Baltimore, MD 21202

Click Link to Register and Pay: http://www.usadance.org/professional/

Below is the list of courses and examinations offered:

1. WDSF Technical Examinations Standard, Latin and Conversion.

The Technical Exams will be available Friday and Saturday (4/6-7/2018) - please contact Kimberly Smith at Pro-Council1@usadance.org for scheduling.

2. WDSF AJS Method of Judging and Assessment Course or 3.0

The WDSF AJS Judging and Assessment Course will be held:

4/4/2018 from 10:30 am - 6:35 pm and
4/5/2018 from 9 am- 5:10 pm

The course for the two year congress requirement is the 4/4/2018 course. The GK test will follow the AJS Exam on 4/5/2018

Lecturers include:

  • Nenad Jeftic (Serbia)
  • Domenico Soale (Italy)
  • Julie Fryer (Netherlands)

Click here for WDSF Congress & Absolute Judgement System Course (AJS) -
Entry Application Form

3. WDSF Chairperson's Congress

The Chairperson's Congress will be held:

4/5/2018 7 pm-10:15 pm through 4/6/2018 8:30 am - 12:45 pm

Lecturer: Wolfgang Eliasch (Austria)

Click here for WDSF Chairperson's Congress Entry Form

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Fill out the WDSF application - submit to Kimberly Smith at


Pricing includes all associated costs for facility and processing.

Best Regards
Kimberly Smith
Professional Council – Certification

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